The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

The sudden news of a new arrival often resonates with congratulatory messages,ecstatic feelings,joyous moments not forgetting the numerous gifts that follow some of which last a lifetime especially if picked out meticulously. Below are some stand out choices of perfect baby shower gifts that will do exactly that;

1. The traveling crib

A travel bag that stands out due to its unique ability to fold into a crib where the baby can comfortably rest when traveling.

2. The Bouncing Cradle

Has a unique motion feature that stimulates the baby exactly the same way as the parent does when holding the baby, whats more impressive it can be set to play the baby’s favorite music while at it.

3. The baby bean bag

During a short nap, the bean bag comes in handy, also if looking to break the monotony of the baby lying in the crib, this will definitely do the trick,it embodies the definition of comfortable and silk.

4. The baby shusher

Sometimes it can get a little frustrating especially when the baby won’t stop crying, the baby shusher comes to the rescue as it produces a rhythmic ‘shushing’ sound that calms the baby, definitely one of the best gifts out there.

5. The self heating travel bottle and warmer

A heaven sent, especially while on the road, it has a unique feature that keeps water warm for a whole day.  It requires no electricity or boiling water just warm water and you are good to go.

6. The Gyroscopic Bowl

It can get real messy, real quick during feeding time and this is where the gyroscopic bowl comes in handy,equipped with a 360 degree rotation spill resistant feature it prevents any clumsy handling by either the baby or the parent resulting into a total disaster.

7. Diaper bag organizers

Contains 4 mesh inserts where diapers can be put and still has room for 1 wet bag, it really helps when on the go and the baby just decides to, oh well…

8. A Dozen baby socks with varying sizes

Out of the box thinking right here.Getting pairs of socks for when the baby reaches 3 months, 6months, 12months with the appropriate size for each, this will definitely make a lasting impression, even when the baby outgrows them.

This are just but some of the ever evolving baby shower gifts that you can choose from, though it is necessary to keep in mind your planned budget for the occasion.  In the end it’s the thought that counts and however small or cheap the gift maybe it will be of some use in one way or another.

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