Buying Your First Baby Stroller

Buying Your First Baby Stroller

Buying your first baby stroller can be confusing; baby strollers today come in a ton of different shapes and sizes.  The cost too can range from fairly modest to very expensive, there is bound to be something in your budget.  Before you head to the local baby store you should take a closer look at the type of strollers available, infant strollers aren’t great for an older child and vice versa.  Check out sites like Consumer reports to make sure that the stroller you like has an adequate stroller safety rating.

Reviews from Trusted Sources

There are plenty of sites where you can find reviews online, including both Google and Amazon, however they just note personal experience with the stroller and often these reviews are biased or even fake.  Consumer Reports, is a different beast altogether.  They will check the manufacturers claim’s and test the products themselves.  Their reviews are not only unbiased they are credible. They will check things that address both safety and comfort.  They look at things like how long the straps are, how easy is the stroller to handle and how portable it is.  Here is an example of how they test strollers.

Factors Important to You

After  you have looked at strollers that are safe enough for your child then you need to think about which features you need.  Is the stroller something you need every day and will be using on public transportation, in which case you need something a little more light weight.  The weight is the number on factor in how portable your stroller is, the more bulky it is the more exhausting it is to use.  While a heavy stroller might be one of the nicer looking strollers that you like it could turn into a gigantic waste of money if it something you can’t use.

What’s the Price?

Price will also be a big factor in which stroller you ultimately purchase.  Strollers can vary greatly in price from a modest stroller under a $100 to the very high end jogging strollers that can cost thousands.  That’s why it is so important to consider the features that you will need.  If you rely on walking or public transportation then you need to find one that works in your price range.  You can also check out online classifieds to see if you can find a decently priced second hand stroller for your child.  You can get a great deal at a fair price.

Buying a good stroller is one of the hardest things to do when preparing for a new arrival.  But if you ask most mothers their stroller has been the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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